Renata Janina Maria Przemyk

Born in 1966 this Polish singer started her musical career as a teenager, by singing with local rock bands. In 1989, inspired by such artists as Tom Waits, Talking Heads and Frank Zappa she started an alternative band named Ya Hozna. The group released an album entitled Ya Hozna which revealed unique and original musical style of Renata Przemyk. After her music began to catch on, she started her solo career.
As a solo artist Renata recorded and edited the following albums: Mało zdolna szansonistka (A Little Gifted Cabaret Singer) (1992), Tylko kobieta (Only a Woman) (1994), Andergrant (1996), Hormon (Hormone) (1999), Blizna (A Scar) (2001), Balladyna (2002) – soundtrack to a play directed by Jan Machulski, The best of (2003) - a compilation of her most interesting songs, album Unikat (2006). In 2005 she composed 14 songs for a play Odjazd directed by Fred Apke. Recorded three years after opening night in Chorzow theatre, the album instantly became gold.

Original tunes and arrangements together with mature and wise lyrics written by Anna Saraniecka make Renata's work unusual and unique.
Most of her albums earned Gold Album certification for selling over 60.000 copies. Moreover, they were nominated to and awarded the most important Polish prizes mostly for artistic individuality.

The singer has also won numerous awards in various festivals in which she took part, including first prize in the Students Festival in Krakow, Karolinka Festival in Opole and a Bursztynowy Slowik prize in Sopot Festival.

She realized for the Polish Television a few concerts and shows and cooperated with many film artists working on soundtracks or performing in their movies. She took part in tribute concerts of Allen Ginsberg (1993), Jan Peszek (1993) and Kora Jackowska (1995).

Mixing rock sounds with poetry and theatrical performance made Renata a perfect artist to take part in completely different musical events. With the same success she performed on the stage of a rock festival in Jarocin, and at prestigious festivals of actors song in Wroclaw and Köln. She gave concerts in France (Normandy, Brittany, Paris) and in the USA (New York) but considering her lyrics being sung in native language, she loves performing in front of Polish audience which can fully appreciate the words and sing along with her.

In 2010 the artist was nominated to PAM London Awards in three categories – Best Polish Female Vocalist, Song of the Year and Best Indie/Alternative Album of the Year. She won all three awards.
In the same year she composed music for another theatre play entitled Szyc by Hanoch Levin and released an album Panienki z temperamentem (Girls with Temperament) recorded with another Polish female singer – Kayah.
She continues her adventure with the theatre the following years fruit of which is Monsters. Pieśni morderczyń (Monsters. Songs of Murderesses) - a musical staged at Rampa Theatre in Warsaw containing 6 songs composed by Renata.

In September 2012 her new album will be released. Renata Przemyk Akustik TRIO complements the artist's acoustic concerts project. The album is a compilation of 12 tracks from her previous albums, but re-recorded with new, subtle arrangements, and a new single Jakby nie miało być. The most important instrument is now Renata's voice, accompanied by acoustic guitars and percussion instruments from all over the world. The Trio creates a unique atmosphere full of gentle energy and delicate vibes.

"Renata Przemyk w Trójce" released on 23 September 2013. The album contains concert material recorded at the Agnieszka Osiecka Studio, that Renata played on the air of the Third Programme of the Polish Radio.

The lastest album of Renata Przemyk "RZEŹBA DNIA" released on 30 September 2014. The 25th Anniversary of her creative output took place in the same year.

Although, Ranata Przemyk has got many interests such as art, cinema, the 19th and 20th century literature, modern theatre and drawing, music has always been the most important for her. She has cooperated with many artists but when it comes to her art - she's the only one who decides about its character.

It is hard to classify her music - neither rock nor alternative nor poetry can describe what's deep inside it. She calls her music an everlasting search for tones, sounds, emotions and climates not similar to anything that has been made before. That's why each album is different from the previous one. In voting contests by two most important Polish weeklies Polityka and Wprost Renata has been chosen one of the most important artists of the last century.

Agnieszka Pajączkowska/Magdalena Wójcik

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